A Tunisian brand that offers gym and fitness clothing for women & men. The history of our brand began with a passion for sport which led us to create this concept. We had a hard time finding workout clothes that are both stylish and functional for the gym. This is how STORN was born, a brand that embodies the common values of strength, resilience and perseverance, specific to each athlete.

Our brand name is a combination of "STRONG" and "ORN", which means eagle in Danish, a symbol of strength, power and freedom. At STORN, we believe that every person has the potential to be as strong as an eagle, both physically and mentally. That's why we create high-quality women's and men's strength and fitness clothing designed to help you push your limits in your workouts and achieve your goals.

We're not just a sportswear brand, we're also a community sharing a passion for sport #TEAMSTORN.

We believe that the impact of sports activity on our body is not just about appearance, it is essential for our physical and mental health #STORNMINDSET.